Break free of the addiction cycle.

Our addiction therapy plays an important and key role in the later phases of your recovery process.

Addiction - Attune Philadelphia Therapy Group
Are you someone who has abused or been dependent on alcohol or substances? Have you sought addiction-focused treatment and are now in the recovery process?

We do not represent ourselves as a facility, center, or provider that treats the immediate addiction components of alcohol/substance dependence. We highly recommend that you seek such treatment for any kind of active addiction.

On the other hand, we feel that we can have a valuable role in the later phases of the recovery process. We enjoy working with clients on addressing the underlying psychosocial issues that may have contributed to and sustained past alcohol or substance use. For this to work and to be successful, it is important for you to be stable in your recovery process. Given this, we require the completion of an addiction dependency treatment program, along with established and current participation in AA or NA.

In therapy, we will help you to understand and meaningfully address developmental and personal factors that have influenced your state of mind, behavioral choices, and sense of self.

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