Feeling sad? Down? Hopeless? Struggling with energy and motivation?  

Everybody goes through rough patches, but for some the ‘blues’ can feel long-lasting and difficult. There are many reasons for depression and many ways that depression is experienced and expressed.

Therapy for Depression in Philadelphia

“How do I find a skilled depression therapist near me in Philadelphia?”

When it comes to depression treatment, there is no one-size-fits-all therapeutic ‘cure.’   Treatment for depression is inherently subjective – that means that your therapy for depression will be unique to your personality, needs and strengths.

We favor thoughtful, reflective, and insight-focused work that seeks to help our clients better understand and work through their depression.   Instilling curiosity and helping you to develop new meaning helps break through the established negative depressive schemata.  Part of having hope is believing that you are worthy of happiness, and capable of living a meaningful life.

Additionally, connecting developmental history with present experience can be important in working through underlying issues associated with depressive symptomatology.  What experiences helped shape you?  How did difficult emotions associated with depression, such as shame, develop?

We also integrate cognitive approaches to help our clients recognize and reframe potentially problematic learned schemas, templates, or transferential patterns which may influence how they view themselves and the world around them.  Recognizing problematic patterns and developing newer adaptive ones are an important part of creating the change that you want.

Finally, our therapists believe that experiential techniques – such as narrative therapy, clinical hypnosis, mindfulness, and disidentification – can play an important role in helping clients modulate and symbolize difficult depressive feelings in a way that they can handle and begin to process.

Therapy for depression in Philadelphia doesn’t have to be depressing!  Progress starts by getting matched with the right depression therapist near me on our staff.   From there, we pair our expertise in depression treatment with who you are and what you subjectively need to start getting better.  Let’s get started on creating hope and change today.


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