Jen King Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

About Jen

I have a special interest in women’s mental health, particularly in helping women manage self-doubt, set boundaries, and navigate difficult work and family decisions.

My approach to counseling is to provide a strong, personalized connection where you can feel deeply understood, valued, and empowered to make changes. While many of us share common struggles, I am invested in knowing your unique background, culture, and identities. I strive to create a therapy environment where you can be your full, unfiltered self.

I practice primarily from a relational psychodynamic and feminist approach. This means that I partner with you to help you deeply understand the internal and external origins of your problems. Sometimes our present-day problems date back to our early childhood experiences, whereas other times our problems stem from societal messages or stereotypes we have internalized. To cope with these difficult life experiences and traumas, I believe we had to develop clever survival strategies, such as caring for others at the expense of our own needs, avoiding intimacy, or downplaying what we feel. Usually, these strategies that once helped us feel protected and safe no longer serve us in the same capacity in the present.

Together, in the context of a supportive, trusting relationship, we can explore: What is the function of this way of being, thinking or relating? Where did I learn this? What (or whom) is no longer serving me? Once we understand the origin of your problems, I can help you make more informed choices to create long-lasting solutions. My role is to help you reframe how you see your problems so that you walk away with less self-blame and more self-acceptance of what you feel and need and why.

In addition to helping clients increase insight, I also help clients recognize their worth and potential. I believe a strong therapy relationship is essential for helping you trust your inner wisdom and use your strengths to live a more meaningful, and satisfying life. I use my warm, down-to-earth style, coupled with my attentive listening skills, to help you to feel comfortable to open up and engage in self-exploration.

I specialize in treating relationship difficulties, perfectionism, anxiety, depression, and body image concerns. My 7+ years of experience as a college counselor, and current involvement as a college professor, make me uniquely positioned to understand the current stressors and pressures young adults face. I also have a special interest in women’s mental health, particularly in helping women manage self-doubt, set boundaries, and navigate difficult work and family decisions.

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  • Attachment and Relationship Concerns
  • Body Image and Disordered Eating
  • Identity Development
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Women’s Mental Health
  • College and Graduate Student Mental Health
  • Parenting
  • Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, University of Maryland
  • M.A., Counselor Education, Villanova University

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