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Your personal experiences and learned values play a vital role in your ability to choose and maintain a successful career path. Our specialized career counseling and executive coaching will help get you pointed in the right direction. We create collaborative partnerships that merge our expertise with yours.

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Are you a successful executive looking to take your career to the next level?

Do you like your career but feel stuck in your trajectory?

Are you tired of your current job or are you looking for different career opportunities but don’t know where to start?

Career counseling is a specialized area of training taught in many counseling psychology doctoral programs.  Many of our psychologists have training in career assessment, personality-career synchrony, and understanding developmental issues that may be influencing presenting concerns around career choices.  We take data-driven techniques grounded in career counseling assessment tests and apply them to solution-focused, problem-solving interventions in career counseling and executive coaching.

Career Coach Philadelphia: Our Approach

We will work with you to identify where you are stuck, clarify problems that may be influencing these areas of blockage, and assist you in making necessary changes to feel progression in your career and life. We use formal and informal career assessment questionnaires as necessary, and integrate any results into our work with you.

We also believe that oftentimes developmental history, family relationships, and learned values can play an important role in contributing to poor fit and/or foreclosure of career choices. We will collaborate with you to better understand how these factors may be involved, and work through them so that you can approach your career choice with a sense of agency and mastery.

As psychologists trained in career counseling and industrial/organizational psychology, we understand that you may not be looking for therapy.  We form collaborative coaching partnerships that merge our expertise with yours.   We utilize career coaching and executive coaching that helps you identify and maximize your strengths and enhance what is right.

Meet our team and get started on taking your career to the next level.

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