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We believe that the name of our practice is the best possible summation of our approach to individual therapy and counseling. We place an emphasis on active, engaged listening that focuses on attunement to your experience to achieve overall mental health.

“How do I find counseling near me that leads to lasting change?”

Our Philadelphia therapists share an interest in attachment-focused individual therapy with an integrative approach to counseling that emphasizes relational and experiential aspects. Our theoretical orientation tends to be psychodynamic, but we also have experience in utilizing cognitive, behavioral, and emotion-focused approaches to help our clients achieve overall mental health.

What is it that we are tuning into?

We prioritize careful tracking of our clients’ words, emotions, body language, and tone of voice. The experience of good listening, one which we model and help our clients learn, is clearly and accurately acknowledging all your experience in the moment: thinking, feeling (emotionally and physically), sensing, seeing, hearing, and so on.

Listening is about renewing your relationships with yourself: mind with body; intuition with embodiment (how that intuition is expressed in our body); thought with emotion; one feeling with another very different feeling; one part of our self with another part of our self. We learn this way of relating with ourselves through our early attachment relationships that set the templates for these patterns.

The fundamentals of listening matter. It’s not our initial reactions that are the problem. It’s how we react to those reactions that become the issue. Initial reactions come from within and are an expression of our most authentic selves. Subsequent reactions are often learned from our environment and repeated. They become so ingrained that by the time many of our clients walk in the door, they are often deeply out of touch with themselves and this is often expressed through criticism and judgement.

As we help you learn how to attune to your experience more accurately and compassionately, this opens the door to curiosity and reflectiveness. Our therapists are all curious and interested in learning about and understanding you. We cultivate an atmosphere of secure, reflective curiosity. We believe that curiosity is contagious – and that the process of reflecting on experience is rewarding.

The best change is the kind that comes from within. Reflection inherently leads to insight. New realizations naturally build motivation, which in turn leads to dynamic change in mental health. People really start to change as they rewire their understanding of who they are and what is possible. This is one of the most rewarding and transformative aspects of individual therapy.

Experience the dynamic change process of therapy, whether in-person at our offices or via virtual teletherapy from the convenience of your home.

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