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Even as the world changes, we’re still here for you every step of the way.

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Feeling lonely? Anxious about the future? Depressed about the present?  Looking to talk to a Philadelphia online therapist ‘near me’?

Even when it is not possible to meet in person, we offer online therapy ‘near me’ in Philadelphia, PA, and out of state that meets your needs.

Here’s how it works:
  1. The same reliable therapy, with the convenience of meeting where you are.
    We have years of experience providing empathic and attentive therapy that creates a powerful sense of emotional immediacy that leads to change. We bring our awareness of non-verbals and emotions to the Philadelphia teletherapy process. Clients who have made the switch to online therapy from in-person therapy consistently report that the teletherapy still feels resonant and transformative.
  2. We use secure technology to host your teletherapy.
    Our Philadelphia online therapists use live video streaming technology that is HIPAA-compliant. That means your session is secure, encrypted, and in sync. We are dedicated to preserving the essential confidentiality and privacy of the Philadelphia online therapy process. In addition, we always work to stay at the forefront of video teletherapy technology to continue to offer you secure and clear sessions.
  3. ‘The office is open’ has a whole new meaning.
    With teletherapy, you have the ultimate in convenience.  The ‘office is open’: whether it’s from your home, car (but not while driving, please) or wherever you’d like to meet. We accept new clients for online therapy in Philadelphia, PA or wherever you live. This added versatility allows us to bring your Philadelphia online therapist ‘near me’ to you.   At the same time, for some people, there is a preferred about being able to be together in the same room for in-person therapy. We’re flexible for what form of therapy works best for you.

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