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How to Heal Your Relationship with Food…and Lose Weight Too!

A Combined Weight Management Approach: Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Mindful Eating

You can lose weight quickly with hypnosis.  In this blog, we talk about how.  But the key to hypnosis for weight loss isn’t the “weight” part, but rather the “wait” part.  If you want to lose weight, it’s important to change your relationship with food.  Our Practice Director at Attune, Dr. Eric Spiegel, who was recently interviewed for a US News & World Report story on hypnosis for weight loss, describes his combined approach integrating mindful eating and hypnotherapy for weight loss.

Make your long-term goals POSITIVE and TANGIBLE

Why do you want to lose weight? Is it to get healthier? Look better? It’s important to focus on the positive. Focus on the wellness part instead of the illness part. Focus on exactly how you want to be and feel healthy. Hypnosis is an effective modality for visualizing scenes clearly and experiencing corresponding positive physiological sensation. Hypnosis makes fantasy feel vivid and accessible. It is important to turn what might be more vague long-term goals into tangible ones. Imagine how healthy you will feel moving your legs and swinging your arms back and forth as you go for a brisk, vigorous walk on a bright sunshine-filled day with a breezy wind gently blowing on your face.

Exercise doesn’t have to feel painful – focus on simple, enjoyable aspects of exercising and prioritize consistency

Dr. Spiegel often encounters patients who tell him that exercise feels too onerous and difficult. Instead of imagining going to the gym or doing an intensive exercise, start with something you are more likely to enjoy doing. Walking is a healthy activity that everyone can do. If you don’t like walking, try doing it in a pleasurable place or listening to your favorite music while you do it. But you can always substitute walking for something else. Maybe it is bopping to the music as you do the dishes or chores around the house. Hypnosis can be helpful here in making the pleasure of exercise more accessible, preparing you for the real thing.

Fast forward to a successful future!

In hypnosis, this technique is called age progression. Imagining success and a successful you in the future is a great way to get started on the present of today. Sometimes, when the current moment feels challenging or too difficult, picturing future success can help you ‘import’ that feeling back from the future.

What healthy foods do you like? Focus on the good foods you will have more of, instead of the bad foods you will have less of.

Now, we start to pivot to how to change your relationship with food. Yes, losing weight and staying healthy involves some discipline and making better food choices – giving up fats, sweets, etc. But first it can be helpful to identify healthy foods that you like to eat and can eat more of. As this becomes easier and easier, people feel more comfortable giving up other harmful foods that they eat too much of.

Slower mindful eating is pleasurable eating… and you will eat less food, too!

You’ve probably heard that when you eat too quickly, your body doesn’t have a chance to catch up and tell your mind that it’s full.  This is true!  But let’s flip that around – when you eat slowly, your body will tell your mind in real time when it’s full.  Here’s the kicker: slow doesn’t have to be negative… slow can be great!  Slowed down, mindful eating can also be seductive, joyous, pleasurable eating.  Imagine every taste bud registering complex, savory notes from just a tiny bite.  It’s an incredible feeling.  From the first bite to each slow chew to the final moments of swallowing the morsel.  Eating this way is savoring life.  To try this out, you might pick out three healthy foods that you like, and cut them into pieces.  Lay out one piece of each of the three foods next to each other, blindfold yourself and mix them up.   Then, pick up each food and try it with this method, enjoying the surprise of what you discover.  Even better is having someone you trust do it for you!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog post on using hypnosis for weight loss and mindful eating towards healing your relationship with food.  Interested for a more comprehensive therapeutic process with an expert?    ‘Hypnosis for weight loss near me’ and ‘Hypnosis for weight loss Philadelphia’ is truly around the corner – contact Dr. Spiegel or one of our psychologists today!