Attune Seeks Clinicians in 2024 to Join our Growing Team

Attune Philadelphia Therapy Group is seeking a Licensed Psychologist, Post-Doctoral Psychologist, LCSW, or LMFT to join our growing boutique psychotherapy practice.

As an independent contractor, the clinician will have flexibility in scheduling her/his/their hours and days worked.  As an out-of-network practice, all clinical hours are fee-for-service, and we offer highly competitive rates to clinicians.

Positions will initially be part-time (5-10 hours/week) with an opportunity to expand hours with us over time (up to full-time). Opportunities exist to provide virtual and/or in-person therapy.  We are looking for PA licensed and/or PSYPACT-credentialed psychologists (can be based out of state) .


Two positions are available:

(1) Relational Therapist

We share an integrative relational framework that incorporates psychodynamic and attachment principles in guiding our approach to treatment.  In keeping with this relational, developmental, and experiential focus, we pay particular attention to therapeutic process, affect, and non-verbal experiencing in the treatment ‘room’ .  See our process for more about this approach.

We seek clinicians who share our approach to treatment, on the one hand; but who have unique foci (treatment areas and/or populations of interest), training, experience and specializations on the other hand.

(2) Health Psychologist

Attune Philadelphia Therapy Group is creating a new center based in our practice that will be focused on health psychology and somatic & functional disorders.

We’re specifically seeking psychologists who are interested in receiving training in clinical hypnosis to incorporate into integrative therapy for health-related and psychophysiological concerns.

Examples of treatment foci include functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDS) (e.g. irritable bowel syndrome), functional neurological disorders (FNDs), chronic inflammation, insomnia, headaches, pain syndromes (e.g. CRPS, AMPS), health anxiety and phobias (e.g. blood/injection phobia, vasovagal responses) and serious illness (e.g. cancer, heart disease).

Especially interested in postdoctoral and early career psychologists who are receptive to training in hypnosis and mentorship in professional hypnosis societies (e.g. American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis). We will help you progress towards certification in clinical hypnosis by ASCH.

To apply, please send a detailed cover letter and CV to Practice Director Dr. Eric Spiegel.