Psychological Testing for ADHD in Adults

Online Assessment for Adult ADHD by Expert Psychologists

Whatever the reason for seeking Adult ADHD testing from a psychologist, it’s never too late to get a comprehensive assessment & evaluation and an accurate diagnosis.

Psychological Testing for ADHD in Adults

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is an often misunderstood diagnosis.  While a quick Google search for “Do I have ADHD?” may yield countless online ADHD tests and quizzes, these can be inaccurate and provide misleading answers.  This is especially the case for individuals with unclear symptoms. At Attune, we specialize in offering robust and precise psychological testing for ADHD in adults.

How Do I Know if I Have Adult ADHD?

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

You’re high-functioning, but maybe not as successful as you feel you should be. 

You’re struggling to keep up with work, but not quite sure why.

It’s hard to get focused on a task, regardless of whether you want to do it or not. 

Once you get focused, it can feel impossible to turn your attention away to other tasks.

Multi-tasking is hard.  Or maybe multi-tasking is all you do – at the expense of finishing any one task.

Staying organized feels impossible.

Prioritizing the right order of things you need to get done is a challenge.

You’re great at being creative and imaginative, but staying in the flow of life as it happens can be hard.

Your child recently got diagnosed with ADHD and it’s made you wonder if you have it too.

ADHD is a developmental disorder that can cause a variety of challenges throughout the lifetime. The core feature of ADHD is difficulties with executive dysfunction. Examples include poor organization, forgetfulness, and procrastination.

Dysregulation in attention is another prominent feature of ADHD.  This can include inattention, limited attention, variable attention (distractfulness), or too much attention (hyperfocus), which can make it difficult to pull away from a task.

Other symptoms of ADHD can include  impulsivity, restlessness, disinhibition, and emotional dysregulation.  One common example of impulsivity is difficulty saving money as a result of impulsive buying decisions. Adult ADHD can even make it difficult to relax at the end of a long day because it is hard to sit still, even when exhausted. Adults with ADHD can be more emotionally reactive, and thus prone to ‘big feeling’ moments, often before they have had an opportunity to appropriately and accurately process a cue.

Given this, ADHD can make it difficult to develop and maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships. Sometimes distractibility can make it hard to stay focused during a conversation with other people. This can make other people feel unheard and unimportant, completely by accident. This can then lead to interpersonal conflict and difficulty connecting. On the whole, many adults with ADHD often articulate a feeling a general sense of feeling different  from other people.

When considering whether or when to get tested for ADHD, it’s important to know that there is a range or spectrum of ADHD.  ADHD exists dimensionally, with levels ranging from severe ADHD to mild ADHD.

Mild ADHD, also known as high functioning ADHD, is often not diagnosed until adulthood.  But mild ADHD can still have significant impacts on a person’s life.  Testing can help you learn where you fall on the spectrum of ADHD, and get the appropriate types and levels of treatment.

When Should I Get Tested for ADHD?

People often pursue an ADHD evaluation when facing challenges in meeting goals, maintaining employment, cultivating relationships, or staying organized. An ADHD evaluation can assist in establishing underlying reasons for difficulty getting work done in a timely manner, paying attention to details, starting and finishing tasks, maintaining work and personal relationships, managing strong emotions, and overall performing to one’s potential.

So often people can feel bad about themselves and get down on themselves because they feel they cannot keep up with others, when in reality they are highly intelligent but their brains simply work a little differently. In fact, people with ADHD have tremendous strengths, including creativity, enthusiasm, curiosity and abilities to multitask. Regardless of the reasons, our careful diagnostic and treatment recommendations will help you identify the origin of challenges, as well as identify strengths.

Adult ADHD Testing Near You

The field of psychology has developed reliable and valid tests for ADHD, conducted in a professional setting by licensed psychologists.  Additionally, it is possible for you to take this psychological testing for ADHD in adults online. At Attune, we provide these assessments in a virtual platform, allowing you to work with our psychologists for ADHD testing from the comfort of your own home.

Through Google Meet videoconferencing, you will be paired with an expert in psychodiagnostics and ADHD. Our expert will work with you on discovering the core of your problems and help you find effective solutions.

How Does an ADHD Evaluation Work?

An ADHD evaluation consists of two key components: a psychiatric diagnostic interview and empirically-supported self-report questionnaires. Both provide valuable information about symptoms in the context of your personality and life circumstances.

The diagnostic interview covers potential ADHD symptoms, medical and mental health history, social and developmental history, and strengths and resources. The interview usually takes about an hour and is conducted in a conversational format. Our diagnosticians will listen closely to your concerns without rushing you, making sure you are able to discuss everything that feels important to you.

Self-report questionnaires involve answering questions related to potential ADHD symptoms, with the tests yielding reliable objective data points about an ADHD diagnosis. Typical tests include the Diagnostic Interview for ADHD in Adults (DIVA-5), Brown Executive Function/Attention Scales (Brown EF/A Scales), and the Delis Rating of Executive Functions (D-REF-Adult). Sometimes, we will also ask a close family member or friend to complete a rating form in order to get data from an outside perspective.

What is ADHD Testing Like for Adults?

The easiest part of online ADHD testing is showing up.  Arrive at the appointment to complete the diagnostic interview with our expert psychologist, and the self-report questionnaires.  The process typically takes 2-3 hours.  The interview and questionnaire sections can be scheduled as two separate appointments if the length of one appointment feels too long.

Our clinician will score your online ADHD tests, interpret them in the context of your social-emotional history and personality, and provide a written report with your results. A follow-up feedback session is scheduled to go over the results, accompanied by comprehensive treatment recommendations. Regardless of the results of the test, the written report will provide valuable information on your functioning, areas of challenges, and personal and unique strengths.

What Happens After an Adult ADHD Diagnosis?

Your testing report can be used to clarify the nature of your difficulties and better identify existing barriers to meeting your personal goals. It provides solid data for healthcare providers about your ADHD diagnosis, facilitating tailored treatment plans involving medication, therapy, or a combination of both.

Many healthcare professionals require an ADHD diagnosis for treatment, making our assessment valuable in seeking appropriate care. At Attune, we are happy to coordinate with your healthcare team to advocate for your care.

Ready to get started?

Talk to us about scheduling your adult ADHD assessment with one of our psychologists.  Psychological testing can make all the difference in diagnosing and helping you find the right treatment for your adult ADHD.

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